Your Social Media Strategy


Social Media Strategy Tips
by Christine Schweickert

As technology changes, so is the way we use social media.  Whether you are reading the news, looking for a new fashion tip, or searching for a particular product, about 50% of us use social media to get answers.  Plus – 14% are sharing ideas and deals they find via social media.  If you don’t have your social media strategy on point, you are certainly losing market share to those who do.

Calendar Strategy

First, you need to start with a social media calendar which provides a proactive approach for what you need to communicate effectively to your audience. Some social strategies can take weeks and most can take several months of planning to captivate and audience.

First, determine what resonates with your audience.  In order to understand what content is most absorbed, and if it’s the right content, you need analytics.  For instance, you may have an advertising campaign that that is unique to a certain market.  Analytics will play a huge role here in determining the “who” but also when to schedule the post, frequency, and which outlets are most effective.  Start by running an A/B test through twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.  If your post on twitter gets no likes but your Instagram photo gets 1,000, you know where to target your audience.

 Social Media Outlets

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. all have the potential to reach your targeted audience but in different ways.  Twitter users like fast, consumable content while Facebook users may like more in-depth, granular information with a redirect to additional information like a blog post.  Using multiple platforms to get your message out is critical since you have different demographics on different outlets. They key to success is determining who to reach where goes back to analytics and utilizing data brokers to capture your key audience.

#Hashtag Campaigns

One of the most important parts of a strong social media strategy is being aware and understanding trending hashtags as well as creating your own to start a social media trend that is relatable and can be shared.  One of the most recent successful hashtag campaigns was #ShareaCoke which caught on in a hurry and is still trending today. This campaign by Coka-Cola will most likely continue to trend for quite some time.  This is because they know their audience and created a campaign around what their customers want.

Another way to get your campaigns out to the right audience is to utilize Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.  Because this can get tricky if you are not familiar with keywords and SEO, you can utilize sources known as data brokers like Datalogix who can compile data and demographics like geographical location, age, and type of media outlet a consumer is using.

In the end, you must have a plan if you want to grow and maintain a successful business utilizing social media.  There is a lot of competition in this space and with technological advances becoming ever dynamic, businesses must learn to adapt to these types of strategies in order to remain profitable.

csChristine Schweickert
Marketing Manager
Christine has over 10+ years marketing experience for B2B, B2C and eCommerce.


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